Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nana Blues is Pregnant! Sweet, batch kita soon dpt baby!

Alhamdulillah, x tnya pn lg dgn nana, cuma tgk fs dia, gmbr scan bb dia, wuwu!

Junior Kita yang Cambest :D

sila usha link ini, hehe. tp jgn nak demand2 sruh aku buat secepat mgkin yek, haha.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What a humming bird have to say?


I am thinking that our batch should have a blog at least.

Not to say that we can't afford a website, but i think it is enough with a blog.

The issues is that some of us aren't facebook members, so it is a big loss it think. Cuz there is a lot that can be done in here. So blog is the solution to get updated about this batch.

So feel free to visit, sincerely said, the template is chosen by lucky guess, so dont feel offended that it is not as advance as yours, i just hoping that some creative + knowledgeable friends out there to help me with it.

And i dont have anything yet in mind, of upgrading the blog, not until i got plenty of time to focus on it,
so to those who feel obligated and motivated enough to become a full/part time writer, or even to be the author, u can directly contact me.

So said that i hope my effort can benefit us all, and you all can also get something from it.

With that, thank you :)

Asra Abdullah

Offers to become full/part time writers of Ini Geng Kita blog


This offer opens only to Kisasians, specifically to SPM 05 students.

Feel obligated or somehow motivated to write something beneficial, just contact me:

May Allah bless u all, thank you :)